Wet hair and bar. Massage the bar directly to the scalp in a few different places. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

TIPS: Shampoo should only be focused on the roots, hair is not living therefore this will protect the ends from damage over time.
Oiliness will reduce the shampoo’s ability to suds and foam, this is why it's best to wash twice. ⁣

By adding extra water after the shampoo has been applied will create more suds and lather. The bar is concentrated and needs the water to help it lather. ⁣⁣
Also, be vigorous when scrubbing, this will help exfoliate the scalp and unclog pores. Which is important for healthy hair growth.



Start by applying the bar mid-hair shaft towards the ends, avoid scalp, especially for fine or thin hair. For best results, take a wide-tooth comb and slowly brush the hair starting at the ends and work upwards. Be gentle as hair is prone to damage when it’s wet. This will allow for even distribution of the conditioner.