Difference between a “Daily” and Clarifying Shampoo?

Lower concentrations of more gentle surfactants (cleansers) are present in a “daily” shampoo. Professional quality daily shampoo won't strip all of the hair’s natural oils. This becomes important and beneficial, since the hair is not living, it has no means of repairing itself, as it grows out of the follicle. The oil that is released from the sebaceous gland provides a protective barrier to the hair. When the hair’s lipid layer becomes compromised hair damage occurs.

Clarifying shampoos are designed to CLEAN your hair and scalp - they generally have less conditioning properties, as compared to “daily” shampoos, as well as higher concentrations of more aggressive surfactants like (SLS) designed to remove buildup and oils for a deeper clean.

For this reason, true clarifying shampoos are not meant for regular use - as they can be drying for your hair and scalp. Overuse of clarifiers, or shampoos containing harsh surfactants can cause your sebum [oil] glands to produce more oils, in an effort to counteract the dryness. Thus, beginning a cycle of over-washing.

Also this is important to consider when looking for a shampoo bar. Since the bars are concentrated using more aggressive surfactant can cause your hair to become dry and damaged over time or accidental color removal. 

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All of our shampoos are daily shampoos, even the Clarify Shampoo. We call this bar Clarify since it performs the closest to a true clarifying shampoo, due to the detoxifying properties of the activated charcoal. It can be used daily because we use a gentle surfactant to keep the pH balanced and avoid accidental colour removal.

If you are using the bars wet hair and bar. Massage the bar directly to the scalp in a few different places. Scrub vigorously, rinse, repeat 2-3 times if you are prone to build up or are using a lot of products. You can also use a scalp exfoliator.

Here is the best way to use a true clarifying shampoo:

If you’re a weekly (or less) washer, using a clarifying formula as your first wash to remove any potential product, skin, oil, or environmental buildup, and following that up with your regular “daily” shampoo and conditioner, can be an effective way to ensure your hair stays clean for as long as possible, and that your conditioners and styling products have a chance to do their jobs properly!


Written by Sarah Byer, co-owner & Senior Stylist at InGoodCo. Toronto & Amy Hamilton

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