Why Women are deciding to be Entrepreneurs

I love seeing female led businesses! It inspires and motivates me to continue on my path. It’s no surprise women are choosing to run their own successful enterprises, since we are natural born leaders.

Feminine traits which at one time were thought of as a weakness in the workplace are actually proving to be a strength. Having a nurturing and patient nature enables women to foster growth and development in the people they mentor. Communicative and collaborative skills allow for cohesive teamwork and better conflict resolution. Women tap into their intuitive guidance to help them assess risks and hire the right people.

Women understand that to be successful in business you have to be as equally concerned about the emotional and financial aspects of the company. A good company doesn’t just focus on dollars and cents they make sure their team feels valued, safe and appreciated.

Statistics Canada reported that from 2005 to 2013 women in small businesses experienced faster growth compared to men in the same industry. According to Small Business BC, women entrepreneurs make up over 40 percent of all small businesses in British Columbia. Here is why many women are becoming entrepreneurs:


Self employment creates the unique opportunity to allow women control over their own schedules, and the ability to work remotely. Women are often seen to be the primary parents in the household which means they are more likely to be the ones to find adequate child care and miss time from work if their child is sick. This makes being your own boss very appealing and takes away day to day pressures. Whether a woman has children or not, the freedom to create your own schedule, be able to work from home and be able to have a work-life balance is desirable.

To Have it All

For many women, working for yourself means not having to choose between a family or a career. During the time when a woman is focused on career advancement her biological clock also starts to tick, she can often be left with a choice; to pause the career and start a family or focus on the career. Most women become entrepreneurs so they don’t have to compromise. They can have it all, the family and the career but on their own terms.

Gender Equality

Generally speaking, women are not the favorable choice for work placement advancement, compared to men. On average women still make less than men. But by running their own businesses, women can control their future and earning potential.

Following their Passion

Many women become entrepreneurs so they can make a living doing what they love. Turning a passion into a career is extremely fulfilling. It’s a great opportunity to become a change maker or visionary. Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride filled with its share of highs and lows; passion and drive gets you through the lows.



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